Which costs are deductible if you buy a home?

When buying a home, you incur a lot of costs: the broker, obtaining the mortgage, the notary, the land registry, etc. But which costs are precisely tax deductible? Below you will find a clear overview of the costs that can and cannot be deducted when purchasing a home: Costs Deductible or not: Closing commission Deductible […]

What are the start-up costs of a broker?

Most real estate agents charge start-up costs for the sale of your property. It differs per broker what is included in the start-up costs. In the sales interview you can ask what those costs consist of. In general, the start-up costs are used to make: good photos of the home 360 degree photos editing a […]

When and how do you get transfer tax back?

When reselling your home, you can “get back” the transfer tax. The rule is that transfer tax should only be paid on the added value of the home if the home gets a new owner within 6 months. Please note: you must agree on who is entitled to this “benefit” in the purchase contract. In […]

When do you pay a realtor?

Broadly speaking, there are 4 services for which you can engage a broker: the sale of your home assistance with searching and purchasing your new home renting out your home doing an appraisal But when do you pay your realtor?When selling your home, you pay your broker start-up costs and broker’s commission. The start-up costs […]