What are the start-up costs of a broker?

Most real estate agents charge start-up costs for the sale of your property. It differs per broker what is included in the start-up costs. In the sales interview you can ask what those costs consist of. In general, the start-up costs are used to make:

  • good photos of the home
  • 360 degree photos
  • editing a video tour through the home
  • maps
  • NEN2580 measurement of the home and preparation of a measurement report
  • a 3D tour in the home
  • and editing an extensive video with presentation of the property with the broker in view

and for

  • the Funda costs incurred for the advertisement.

Start-up costs included
It increasingly happens that brokers have already included the start-up costs with the brokerage fee. It is then logical that “withdrawal costs” are charged at the moment that you cancel the sale.

How much are those start-up costs?
The start-up costs can be between € 250 and € 550 including VAT. To properly present a home, the above parts 1 to 5 + 8 are often the minimum that I would recommend. Take into account the start-up costs of approximately € 500 including VAT.

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