What to look for when viewing a property in Holland?

When I’m going to view a property with a client, there is a whole list of things where I keep my eye on. Together with my client I have a ‘search profile’ in our system. This system keeps an eye on the new properties in the market and it arranges that the new properties will […]

The small ‘VvE’ – what do you need to know?

There are a whole bunch of small Owners ‘ Associations (VVEs ) in the Netherlands. Consider, for example, the up-down home, often known as a red-black home. Or property with the lower house and apartment above the apartment and “I-high, II and III high-high ‘. What is an active VVE? This love t that is […]

Which costs are deductible when selling your house?

Cost Deductible or not Sales broker costs Not deductible Costs for applying for an energy label Not deductible Appraisal costs related to the sale of your home Not deductible Costs for canceling the mortgage after the transfer of ownership Deductible Cost Deductible or not The costs of your buying agent Not deductible The advice and […]

Who arranges and pays the notary when you sell your house?

Whoever chooses and pays the notary actually depends on how the buyer and seller agree on this. The standard NVM purchase contract states the following: The costs related to the transfer of ownership and charged by the notary, such as transfer tax, notary fees and land registry costs, are for the account of the buyer/seller. […]